Teaching Students About the Media

This morning like so many other students across the country, my students wanted to talk about Ferguson. They had questions that I didn’t have answers for, “why are people setting things on fire?” “Why are the police shooting tear gas at people?” “How long will the riots last?” But the best question I heard was […]

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Professional Development 2.0

As kids, we loved Teacher Institute Day. We got to stay home while our teachers went to work. We never knew what they did, and we didn’t really care. All that mattered was the day at home playing with friends, watching TV, and not being at school. As teachers, we’ve seen what is on the […]

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My growth through Twitter

Tomorrow night, a friend and I are going to host our first ever Twitter-chat. After participating in a district sponsored chat, I found myself seeking out other “chats.” I chatted with the #sschat, #edtechchat, #tlap, #sstlap, and a bunch of others that I stumbled across. I found it disappointing though – none of the chats […]

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Bringing work home

As teachers, we often struggle with what to bring home. I find myself planning, grading, and reflecting at home, and I’m ok with that. In fact, I’d be upset with myself if I didn’t bring that work home. Yesterday, I brought something home from work that I wasn’t happy about. During my last period, I […]

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You can’t read without writing

At a meeting today, we were discussing reading in social science when someone said, “you can’t read without writing.” While some may be puzzled by this, I think every teacher (and hopefully every student) knows exactly what this means. You. Have. To. Annotate. Booknoting, annotating, marking, commenting, all of it means the same thing, have […]

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