Bringing work home

As teachers, we often struggle with what to bring home. I find myself planning, grading, and reflecting at home, and I’m ok with that. In fact, I’d be upset with myself if I didn’t bring that work home.

Yesterday, I brought something home from work that I wasn’t happy about. During my last period, I had a student who just infuriated me. The reasons aren’t important, but by the time the period was over, I was flat out angry.

Apparently my ride home didn’t help, because when I got home, I was still fuming. Rather than letting go, I doubled down and took out my anger with on my own family. My kids were doing things that they knew they shouldn’t, and I overreacted. I used a voice that I shouldn’t, I threatened to take away privileges, and just kept getting madder and madder at them for little things that in reality, weren’t a big deal.

As the night wore on, my anger was replaced with disappointment. Disappointment that the situation with my student hadn’t been resolved better, disappointment with myself for not letting go, and disappointment with the way I treated the people who are most important in my life.

I need to find a way to let go. I don’t run, don’t drink, and don’t get any satisfaction from working out which are ways that (at least according to Facebook) many of my friends unwind after a bad day.

For me, it will be music. Whether listening to (or playing) something loud and aggressive to match my mood, or something soft and melodic to relax me, I need to use that as the release so that the work I bring home is positive, not a negative emotion that I pass on to the rest of my loved ones.

What are the ways that you deal with those upsetting days? Leave a comment and let me  know.


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