My growth through Twitter

Tomorrow night, a friend and I are going to host our first ever Twitter-chat. After participating in a district sponsored chat, I found myself seeking out other “chats.” I chatted with the #sschat, #edtechchat, #tlap, #sstlap, and a bunch of others that I stumbled across. I found it disappointing though – none of the chats necessarily connected to my needs.

This is where we are all faced with a choice. Do nothing and be annoyed, or do something and see what happens. I chose the do something model.

For the past few weeks, my partner and I have planned our “Twittersation.” What should we talk about? How will we promote it? What specific questions should we ask? What if no one shows up?

We’ve gotten advice for other chat leaders, we’ve had retweets from users with many more followers than my 158, and we’ve made some great connections with other world geography teachers. Even with planning, I still had some major doubts.

But the text I received an hour ago reminded me of something. “[OUR] purpose is to connect more with people interested in geography, I think we have already done that.”  He is right. Our chat will be a success if we reach one other world geography teacher. If we get five, ten, twenty, all the better.

The bottom line is this. Two months ago, I checked Twitter to get soccer news, now I’m using it to plan better activities in my classroom. I keep reading about PLNs, but didn’t realize that I was not a part of one.

As teachers, too many of us close the door of our room and go it alone, but the world is too big to teach it alone.


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