A plea to my Twitter friends in Boston

I went to Boston once, it was for six hours in 1999. A friend and I flew from Chicago to Providence, then drove to Boston for dinner, a Red Sox game, and drinks. Then we drove back to Providence, spent the night, and flew back to Chicago the next morning. My total time away from home was 21 hours. I’m embarrassed by that now. Boston, a city with so much history, and all I saw was a Red Sox game.

My Twitter feed has blown up over the past few days with people landing in Boston for the NCSS Conference, and I’ve been filled with jealousy. Jealous that they’ll be attending great sessions, jealous that they will be hearing phenomenal speakers, jealous that they will have access to outstanding resources.

So now, my plea. To those who are attending NCSS, share. Share what you are learning. Tweet, blog, send carrier pigeons; just get the word out.

Tell me what I’m missing, tell me how to be a better social science teacher. And while I love gumbo so much more than clam chowder, tell me how I need to go next year to New Orleans to get and share great social science resources!


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