5 Must See Videos from Project Explorer

Full disclosure. In 2015 I traveled with Project Explorer to Cambodia as an Educator Fellow – it was an amazing experience. Since July 2016, I have been a part of the Project Explorer Board of Directors. So, yes, I’m biased, but that doesn’t change the fact that there are so many great, FREE videos for teachers to share with students. I encourage all teachers, from elementary to higher education to register for free by clicking here.

These videos are in no particular order, and represent the diverse topics and regions that Project Explorer has covered over the years.

1. The World’s Largest Laundromat in Mumbai, India

As we think about the developing world, do we ever really think about how they get their laundry done?


2. Demining in Azerbaijan

How do you make a region inhabitable after a military conflict?


3. The Prime Meridian and Universal Time

Why do we even have time zones? And who decided what time we would use?


4. Tuk-tuks and Transportation from Thailand

In the United States, cars, trains, buses, and bikes help us move around cities, but what about in other parts of the world?

5. Peruvian Weaving

How does weaving keep culture alive and a region economically viable?


Did you like what you saw? There’s so much more at http://projectexplorer.org/!



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