A complaint on complaining

My first flirtations with leadership came when I was 26. I was named Team Leader and had visions of a community of learners that would be unlike anything seen before. I was lucky to work with teammates who had vision, drive, and the desire to try new things. My years with that team were amazing. But […]

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Last fall, on a relatively blah Friday night, I started blogging. I did pretty well for a while, but then, I lost momentum. I haven’t posted since December, and that’s a problem. It’s a problem because I sometimes think I have a lot to share, but somehow, I never find the time to do so. […]

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Top Chef Guides My Teaching

For fans of Top Chef, we’ve all seen it. Tom Colicchio looks at a chef who served something that the judges didn’t enjoy and asks, “Did you try this?” The chef normally mumbles something, and it is clear that either they didn’t try it, or they thought that someone else might have made something worse, […]

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